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Thrivewell Coaching

As part of a complete brand overhaul for Thrivewell Coaching, we created a reassuring identity based around 'the journey'.

A coordinated team who produce amazing results — smart, experienced, insightful, creative, professional, and a pleasure to work with.
— Leesa Klepper, Director

Helping People Thrive.

Thrivewell Coaching is a integrative health coaching firm. It helps its clients achieve complete physical, mental and social well-being through positive psychology, motivational interviewing, and client self-management.

Thrivewell Coaching approached us wanting a brand overhaul, from a name and visual identity that better reflected their goals and values, to a new online presence and marketing collateral. 

Our response was to create a reassuring identity based around 'the journey', including water and human elements.





Process & Final Logo

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Colour Palette