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US & UK Social Media Demographics 2018

Welcome to the 2018 release of our Social Media Demographics Report. We’ve expanded the study to include the United States and have added a whole host of other social media websites, from Tinder and Foursquare to WeChat and VKontakte.

We found that despite growing concerns about the effect of social media on society, we’re virtually all using it with 86% of US and 83% of UK adults on social media. Other key highlights:

  • Facebook dominates: 61% of UK and 66% of US online adults use Facebook daily
  • Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and YouTube are the top 3 networks in both markets at every age group
  • Social usage is largely aligned across the pond, with key differences for WhatsApp, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • In the UK, the last three years have seen significant growth for Instagram (+12pts), Snapchat (+10pts), and WhatsApp (+10pts)
  • Between them Facebook, Microsoft and Google own 8 of the top 10 used networks

You can read the full US & UK Social Media Demographics 2018 report here. I hope you find it useful – get in touch if you have any queries.


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