We are Flint
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We are Flint

Our brand showcases where we think brands are heading: brands today are much more than just a logo, so We are Flint is less logo, more visual identity.

Flint was integral to humans becoming what we are today. It drew us together and catalysed development; a material that can be hewn into any number of useful objects, a tool that solves problems.
— Oscar Park, Creative Lead

A black & white framework

All the brand elements work in coordination with each other to create an identity that feels unified.  This allows it to adapt and respond in ways that more accurately reflect who we are…it’s more fun too.



We are Flint takes a back seat.  It doesn't shout too much. It's a framework that elevates our work rather than competes with it. So it's simple: a black and white colour palette and a plain logo, well, non-logo - the "We are Flint" changes depending on the context and the need.

It's where we think brands are heading: less logo, more visual identity.




The 'Non-Logo'


Colour Palette