Social Report

US & UK Social Media Demographics 2018_ Welcome to the 2018 release of our Social Media Demographics Report. We’ve expanded the study to include the United States and have added a whole host of other social media websites, from Tinder and Foursquare to WeChat and VKontakte. We found that despite growing concerns about the effect … Read more

Meme Report

2016 was a ‘meme-ntous’ year. Memes saw people round the world pretend to be mannequins, they impacted the US presidential election, and nearly led the UK government to name a ship “Boaty McBoatface”. You can read our report on marketing with memes here or read our op-ed in the IBTimes on the effect memes had … Read more

Social 2018 Main Findings

Methodology We Are Flint interviewed n=2,007 US adults and n=2,008 UK adults aged 18+ between the 20th and 22nd January 2018 via online panel survey on their social media usage. Each market’s respondents were screened and weighted to be nationally representative of age, gender and region. The margin of error on the study is +/- … Read more