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Introducing the Flint Firepit

Glowing embers

It’s a simple concept. Every month you can pick up the phone to someone at We are Flint and have a no strings attached, 30 minute conversation with them about anything you want. This could be:

  • Advice on what tactics to use for your latest report launch
  • A walk through of your Google Analytics to help you understand your web traffic
  • A second opinion on an RFP you’re about to put out (only if we’re not being invited to pitch)
  • A review of a piece of work you’re already doing with another agency
  • A discussion around digital marketing strategies you could implement

For us it’s a simple concept too. Our business is built on relationships. The logic is that once you pick up the phone and start talking to us about things, you may actually like us and end up asking us to do a piece of work.

Bookmark this page so you remember where it is when you need it - and if someone else has come to mind while reading this, send it over to them. The more the merrier.

Drop us a note: hello@weareflint.co.uk

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