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We are Flint: a London-based agency specialising in research-driven design and marketing.


Research-driven design and marketing.

Today’s problems are less about lighting fires or fending off carnivores and more about creating space for yourself, your ideas; your brand. The most valuable tool at your fingertips is knowledge. 

We are Flint specialises in research-driven design and marketing. Strong relationships are at the heart of all our work. We are big on collaboration. We want to catalyse your ideas, and create assets that spark a strong bond between you and your customers.

Between us we have several decades of experience. Over the years we've delivered design, communications and marketing campaigns for some of the most successful brands and organisations you’ve heard of: Unilever, Tom Dixon, Norton, Paypal, Canon, the EU, KPMG, Toyota, Shell, Union Cycliste International, Aviva, and YOO.

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